BST Defence is formed by a team of experienced naval managers, combat systems engineers and retired admirals; who executed dozens of defense projects in various countries in Africa and Asia.




Maintenance & Repairs


Concept Design



Our End-to-end Defence Services at an International Scale

BST Defence has the capabilities and resources to provide end-to-end defence solutions at an international scale; from the conceptual design of a total defence strategy to maintenance of defence systems.

Military Risk Analysis

Our team includes very experienced military officers, who have served in the highest ranks of their country’s armed forces before retirement. Their exclusive experience enables us to perform military risk analysis of our client in multiple dimensions of defence at regional and international scale.

Conceptual Design of Defence Strategy

Following the military risk analysis of our client; we offer a complete design that addresses the defensive needs, vulnerabilities and potential threats we have identified.

Contract Management and Procurement

Due to our team’s diverse operational experience in defence projects as military officers, managers and engineers; we have the executional capabilities and network to make realize the conceptual design we devise for our client. We perform both the management of complex contracts and the procurement of all the equipment & materials required for the realization of the concept we offered.

Construction, Installation and Integration

After the completion of the contracting and procurement; we conduct and supervise the construction of the projects, the installation of the defensive systems and the integration of newly introduced elements to the existing defence infrastructure of our client.

Training, Maintenance and Repair

In the final phase of our services, we train the officers and employees of our client for the effective utilization of the defence systems we constructed and installed. We also perform the cyclical maintenance and repairment of the equipment we procured as a part of our services.